Pakistan Cricket Board sticks with decision not to visit India for T20 WC

Pakistan Cricket Board sticks with decision not to visit India for T20 WC

Pakistan Cricket Board in a response to India not visiting Pakistan for T20 Asia Cup sticks to their earlier decision. Pakistan Cricket Board earlier told that if India can’t visit Pakistan then Pakistan team also should do so. India is still not concerned about the outcome of the T20 World Cup schedule if Pakistan denies participating.

However, ICC wants both small & big tournaments to go smoothly. ICC will eventually persuade both countries have good relations with regard to Cricket. No politics in Cricket or any Sports should be played as this hurts Cricket crazy fans.

T20 Asia Cup will be played earlier than T20 World Cup and makes Pakistan Cricket Board to react. Powerful Indian Team in all formats of the game finds no trouble if T20 World Cup altered. “Whether Pakistan participates or not, it’s non of our business. We are about to take a decision to participate in T20 Asia Cup”. Said spokesperson from Indian Cricket Board.

We should know that Cricket is a Gentleman’s game. Cricket is growing and many young fans are learning the game and getting trained. The IPL provided a good platform for all Cricket crazy youngsters. Pakistan was denied any participation of their Cricket players in the Cash rich tournament.

IPL accepts all foreign players from all Cricket playing Nations except Pakistan. India started playing politics over Cricket and that hurts Pakistanis. They responded with their decision for not participating in T20 World Cup. Let’s wait and see what will be our next report upon this issue.

Khalid M Raza

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