Ramdev Products made from Cow Urine helping RSS crime & health but

Ramdev Products made from Cow Urine helping RSS crime & health but

People on large numbers in India used to buy Baba Ramdev products. But, 90% of the products are wasteful. Ramdev Products should be banned. And some of the products made from Cow urine causing health issues. Further, the products are not beneficial and are regarded as wasteful.

Cow urine made products keeping people in deep trouble as people are suffering from many ailments. Consuming Ramdev products or for any external uses can make you pay the price. You’ll get diseases of lungs and liver including that of kidney etc. It’s highly recommended that you should stop purchasing Ramdev products.

And the profits from the sale of the products used for purchasing weapons for RSS. RSS is terror group and their intention mainly to create trouble and the terror group used cleverly by BJP. BJP uses RSS to trouble the minorities and it’s not good to benefit BJP in any of their causes. JIO mobile users are also told by experts in India for other options such as Airtel & Vodafone etc.

What Ambanis doing with profits from JIO needs to be understood. They’re supporting BJP and RSS. If JIO gets affected and many Reliance products also get not much profits then it would be good for India. People should avoid using JIO and other Reliance services or products in order to teach lessons to BJP. If Ramdev products harm our health then it’s better not to buy the products for two main good causes. These are to keep ourselves healthy and another good cause is helping not RSS in their criminal activities.

Khalid M Raza

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