Millions starting protests in India against CAA as Jan 30 is biggest event

Millions starting protests in India against CAA as Jan 30 is biggest event

Most of the States in India with opposition parties of BJP will be united to protest against CAA on Jan 30. Incidentally, Jan 30 is the day when Mahathma Gandhi was killed and Millions will be seen protesting tomorrow. The purpose of organizing such a huge protest is to fight against BJP policies against Constitution. Protest will also be carried including farmers, youth, fishermen plus people of different levels. Indian Citizens are angry over BJP and they want justice and they’ll start fighting in a greater way from Jan 30.

Millions are Jobless & More 

Joblessness has been rising including hunger and poverty in India. On Jan 30, 2020, Millions will block the roads across India to fight against BJP. BJP needs to explain as why they’re against Muslims to kill Indian democracy and increase poverty in India. Farmers are continuously doing suicides including jobless youth. Millions will come out tomorrow and protest for their rights as promised by BJP. This event will be the biggest movement against BJP to get BJP in some trouble and that’s starting from Jan 30.  

BJP leaders cannot relax in luxury or sleep under air conditioned rooms by eating up money that belongs to Indians. The protest matters most to all Indians and it’s against CAA, NRC & NPR. The attack on Constitution by the BJP will be spoken in the biggest protest ever. Millions of people will try to defend the Constitution of India.

Joblessness is so much that in the last 50 years it has increased to the peak level that never happened in past. BJP is riding their luck to please their followers by creating trouble to Muslims. Do they realize that they’re creating deep trouble to all Indians and keeping them live as beggars. BJP cannot hide their strategy of divide & rule to lead India towards major setbacks. Followers of BJP should realize that it’s now or never if they don’t oppose BJP. BJP needs to fulfill at least half of their promises they did but they’re playing games and remaining indoors.

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