Amit Shah fails in making India peaceful as Narendra Modi keeps lying

Amit Shah fails in making India peaceful as Narendra Modi keeps lying

Amit Shah fails to convince Indians for a better India in future as Narendra Modi continues speaking lies. Two leaders of BJP continue to make statements that contradict and Indians understanding clear picture of both. The PM speaks lies and Amit Shah as Home Minister continues with BJP’s dirty politics. Narendra Modi should behave as the Prime Minister of India and he should speak specifically. What Indians find that both of these BJP leaders give statements that differ. One speaks something and the other one on the same subject speaks something else.

Narendra Modi wags Tail as Amit Shah Fails  

Narendra Modi & Amit Shah cannot fool 130 Crore Indians and will get what they deserve feel the experts. Experts like Vinod Dua & Abhisaar Sharma keeps on disclosing BJP’s bad intentions and that to loot India with dirty politics. Dirty politics is much more than divide & rule and they both commit unacceptable crimes.

If they continue to make Indians believe whatever they say then Indians will kick them out. For example, if two relatives connect with your family and start creating fights among your family members. You & your family members will bear for how long. You’ll know the two of the relatives visit your home and try to divide and rule over your family.

If Indians are a family then both Narendra Modi & Amit Shah fail soon if you realize they’re creating trouble since a long time.  

Since 2014 BJP started dividing Indians and continued creating hatred between Indians after 2019. Thus, few months later BJP will be kicked out by Indians if unity between all Indians starts for peaceful resolution. Indians cannot think that over 30 Crores of Muslims cannot be under trouble for a long time and BJP cannot play dirty politics using Muslims. BJP has to surrender meekly otherwise India will be economically weak by 2021.

Joblessness rise can hit India hard as GDP gets affected and poverty will increase in India. Why the farmers & jobless youth committing suicides? Not answerable by BJP and that’s very sad to know.

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