Babri Masjid reality exposed as BJP stops foreigners to visit Masjid site

Babri Masjid reality exposed as BJP stops foreigners to visit Masjid site

It was not justified when foreigners were not allowed to visit Kashmir to see atrocities been done there. It’s more not justified when again BJP stopping foreigners to visit Babri Masjid site. Babri Masjid reality exposed as BJP hiding miracle of the Almighty with their armed forces playing key role again. They cannot hide if Almighty wants to show His signs or they cannot reveal if Almighty wants to conceal. Nobody can show righteous way for BJP leaders to follow except if Almighty wills. BJP is cursed govt and will be in deep trouble if they continue to play dirty politics.

Babri Masjid Reality

If Babri Masjid reality needs to be protected then no one can expose even the miracle of divine protection. Babri Masjid was supposed to be dismantled totally to construct Ram Temple and it’s too late. If BJP is late in constructing a Ram Temple at Babri Masjid site then their bad intentions also need to be disclosed. We disclosed earlier that why Amit Shah failed in his target of building Ram Temple in 1 month. Again it’s terrible that instead of speaking truth BJP speaks lies and conceals the facts.


The whole World should know why some foreigners were stopped by BJP govt to see Babri Masjid site. The local administration in Ayodhya also stopped Indian American Activist Sunita Viswanathan. She was confused as it meant a lot for her to know why there’s a delay in construction of Ram Temple? Still, the Muslims in India and around the World strong in their beliefs speak only the truth. They cannot take advantage of creating news with intention of talking about miracles.

Time & again the Almighty has shown some signs & some miracles to the World to follow righteous path. Believers are not supposed to believe anything blindly as they know the Almighty is always watching them. If everything disclosed then all people of the World will start worshiping the Almighty. And that’s not reasonable as it keeps them away from working hard to find a righteous path. 

Khalid M Raza

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