Villain BJP CM in UP keeps troubling Muslims with criminal hatred

Villain BJP CM in UP keeps troubling Muslims with criminal hatred

When people hate criminals like Yogi Adityanath then it’s justified but this villain CM in UP troubling innocent Muslims? It’s objectionable to sit and watch innocents troubled by villain leaders from BJP. This villain is not one from BJP as there are plenty including Amit Shah, Narendra Modi & Raja Singh etc.

What message to the people of India delivering villain Yogi? Time & again it’s been seen reports coming in from UP that Muslims troubled & for what? Narendra Modi is silent and so is Amit Shah. It’s because BJP’s main role is like even if husband killed doesn’t matter children should be fatherless.

This means that they want to trouble innocent Muslims. And without any care about husbands to get killed as they want children to be fatherless. In both these aspects of the example of husband and children it’s clear that BJP not worried about Indians. They want innocent Muslims to get troubled for just keeping their followers pleased. This policy is insane and the world needs to interfere in India’s matters whether they’re internal or not.

Each BJP Leader not Hindu but Villain

How long each BJP villain can put pressure on innocent Muslims? Anything can happen as they don’t believe and are not believers of the Almighty. If they don’t believe in the Almighty as it’s confirmed with their criminal activities.

Then it’s also confirmed that they even don’t belong to any religion. How can disbelievers have any religion or for any purpose. Narendra Modi once said that eat and drink and enjoy the life because after death who cares what will happen. Without keeping in mind about believing the Creator, BJP leaders want India to be Hindu Nation. India will never become Hindu Nation according to what God wills for as we never know.

Each BJP villain will know that Indians definitely want peace & progress in India and not their heinous crimes. BJP’s criminal mind making all Indians to suffer. Wait & see as BJP will be kicked soon. However, time cannot allow us to wait for BJP to see them eliminated from India. But, we should keep fighting without fear and suppress their intentions.

No BJP leader is Hindu or belongs to any religion. Every leader from BJP wants to live lavishly and has bad intentions about one particular religion. It’s because Islam teaches peace and BJP leaders are mischievous. When people do mischief then they’ll fall and never rise.

Indians Should Think Honestly

Uttar Pradesh (UP) keeping Muslims in deep trouble since a long time. UP govt under Yogi Adityanath as CM should be condemned. People should fight for justice otherwise their generations will never forgive them.

Indians need to think honestly for a better India today & in future. Today economy setback and joblessness never worries BJP followers then tomorrows India will be weaker. Poverty will rise and the Nation will be destroyed if action from Indians never taken.

Believers never worry about any calamity as they keep on worshiping the Creator and not created things. Man made idols cannot be worshiped. And created things cannot be compared with the Creator. Again it’s worth to note: Creator should be worshiped and not His creations. Khalid M Raza

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