BJP fails in India with rise of corruption as BJP intentions exposed

BJP fails in India with rise of corruption as BJP intentions exposed

When you want to know about corruption just look into Narendra Modi’s governance. BJP fails in providing jobs to the youth and much more troubles created in India as BJP used RSS. The intentions of BJP looks not only bad but it keeps struggling to remain in power with divide & rule policy. Indians are aware of BJP’s intentions and each & every Indian should fight for the progress of India. It’s not good for Muslims if they keep thinking that BJP troubling only Muslims.

Narendra Modi can go to any extent along with Amit Shah to show the majority that Muslims belong not to India. It’s possible that they can say whatever they can to make believe the majority with blame games against Muslims.

BJP fails to Fulfill Their Promises 

Muslims were blamed by BJP as BJP claimed that Muslims shouted in support of Pakistan in one of the protests. BJP leaders never felt sorry as it was proved that the protesters actually shouted Kashif Khan Zindabad. What Narendra Modi speaks about Muslims in his speeches should be condemned. His criminal partners Amit Shah & Yogi Adityanath say whatever they want to.

They think people will believe them even if they play games over history. History in India only belongs to the good works of Muslim rulers that made India to prosper. BJP changed history to claim that Hindus suffered a lot but that’s all their lies. Muslims should protest with the intention of defending the constitution and expose that BJP fails in restoring peace.  

Either Muslims fight for their right or keep patience to win their battle against BJP as BJP destroyed India already. Let all Indians know how BJP fails to fulfill their promises for a better India and succeeds in troubling Muslims.

There’s nothing wrong if one keeps patience and wait for what happens next. Good days for all Indians including Muslim Indians will come soon but not under BJP govt. Make sure to put pressure on BJP and let the World know about their bad intentions.

Khalid M Raza

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