Narendra Modi given exercise routine for his health consciousness

Narendra Modi given exercise routine for his health consciousness

Narendra Modi has been suffering from gas trouble since a long time. He used to be embarrassed and annoyed with his own personal emission of gases. His worries increased when Doctors say it’s nothing wrong and it’s good for digestion. But, Modi called Yoga specialist and later he was advised something that’s making fun of him. Yes, Narendra Modi given exercise routine to fight against gastric trouble.  

What is related with his gastric trouble that keeps him on high alert always as Narendra Modi given typical exercises. Science or medicine can only explain about emission of gases through gastric trouble but it’s normal as Doctors claim. His routine changed while he used to walk awkwardly and sometimes holding something in his hands.

He’s close to 70 years of age and thinks smartly over keeping himself get more attention. He use to trim his beard and keeps himself well groomed and works hard to look as a charismatic leader. Already Narendra Modi given the responsibility to make India prosper. But he and Amit Shah let India down with criminal politics.  

Narendra Modi has nothing to do has he gets hefty salary for his PM position and he does nothing more than fooling people. His Indian followers are decreasing even though he promised them good days to come for Indians. He never fulfilled any of his promises that he made earlier.

He said he’ll make India progress rapidly and Crores of jobs will be created and much more. But he failed to uplift India without fulfilling his promises to the people of India. Now, he has a best plan for all Indians and that’s to trouble Indian Muslims and make his followers stick to BJP. This will not be possible as it will destroy India totally.

Khalid M Raza

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