Narendra Modi tasted sour Tea as Indian Tea exports fell down heavily

Narendra Modi tasted sour Tea as Indian Tea exports fell down heavily

Narendra Modi tasted sourness in various of his favorite schemes including Make in India because of his show offs. He went on to talk about better India and good days to come only to fool people.

It’s the first time that Indian tea industry suffered heavy losses as Narendra Modi tasted heavy criticism from experts.

He looked on with wide open eyes smiling when he was told exports of tea industry showed dismal performance. Narendra Modi thought that this is a good news as he told his twitter writer to write something. However, the writer denied writing anything because it’s not worthy to show BJP’s poor performances. “These things might happen don’t worry write something else”. Said Narendra Modi to his Twitter tweeter.  

Tea industry Narendra Modi tasted

Total Tea exports stood at US$ 830.90 million in 2018-19 and decreased to about US$ 474.67 million in 2019-20. In early 2019, we had major importers of Indian tea including Iran, USA, UK, UAE and China. Since Iran & China including USA reduced India’s tea exports, it resulted in economic setback.

India was fourth in terms of tea exports after Kenya, China and Sri Lanka respectively. But it looks under BJP India’s exports will even get reduced to bring down India below Sri Lanka.

India was the second largest producer in the world with production of 1,338 million kg but production has been decreasing. Experts say, it’s Assam impact and rolling out of NRC in Assam.

India had wide variety of tea including CTC tea, orthodox tea, green tea and organic tea. Assam impact affected tea exports as Narendra Modi tasted nothing better than divide & rule only.

India used to offer high-quality tea such as Darjeeling, Assam Orthodox and the high-range Nilgiri. Rolling out NRC in Assam resulted in loss of jobs and weakened various industries including tea.

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