BJP incited violence to harass peaceful protesters as BJP getting exposed

BJP incited violence to harass peaceful protesters as BJP getting exposed

Jamia Millia Islamia witnessed Police very slow to react over a 17 year old shooter on peaceful protesters. BJP incited teenagers to take pistols in hand and shoot the protesters as another BJP’s criminal offense. The BJP govt was also blamed when shooting kick started on Shaheen Bagh’s peaceful protesters. Amit Shah told in his election speech to press voting button so hard that Shaheen Bagh protesters will get current.

Thus, more crimes of BJP getting exposed. BJP incited violence since they took power in 2014 using RSS activists. Many crimes of the BJP govt are slowly coming up to be noticed. How long they remain in power as the corrupt & criminal party? Anymore worrisome incidents will not happen once action taken against BJP leaders including Amit Shah & Narendra Modi. Both are criminals and making India as horrible place to live.

Speeches are framed using fake stories regarding Muslims in India. BJP leaders also incite people listening to their speeches. They claim Hindus & Hindu women will be safe until Narendra Modi remains as Prime Minister of India. BJP keeps lying taking example of Kashmir pundits frequently.

They keep saying that Muslims will enter inside Hindu homes and rape Hindu women. How can Hindu women safe under BJP as the rapes by Hindus to Hindu women continues to happen? BJP diverts people towards Muslim hatred and speak worse about Muslims. Soon every act will be exposed and nothing will remain for Amit Shah & others to get favor from Indians. They did lot of damage as BJP incited majority to hate Muslims. Justice will be done in a matter of time.

Khalid M Raza

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