BJP stands on lies with over confidence of Amit Shah for Delhi election

BJP stands on lies with over confidence of Amit Shah for Delhi election

“Even at late night 1: AM when I met marketers of BJP, I felt happy for their work as election campaigners”. BJP stands on top level as Amit Shah feels in over confidence. “I think BJP will definitely win as Feb 8 is an important day for voters in Delhi”. Spoke out Home Minister Amit Shah to the people after dreaming about major BJP win in Delhi elections. The results will be out on Feb 11. Let’s see whether Amit Shah’s over confidence put’s him to taste yet another loss or embarrassment for BJP.  

Amit Shah keeps on fighting for a lost cause. His criminal mind can only hurt India to proceed for progress. Further, he said: “With respect to the constitution and with selfless approach BJP works for a progressive India”. This statement itself is yet another big lie.

Where BJP Stands with Amit Shah & Narendra Modi

Right in current situation across India it was seen that youth are depressed and find many faults in BJP. “They only talk about Hindu-Muslim & Pakistan and nothing about India’s progress and they achieved nothing good for India”. Said several youth.

BJP stands in a tight corner as it’s clear that they spread hatred only. Whether they talk about Pakistan or claim that they’re watchmen and guarding the country. There’s no need for BJP to deliver such statements as India is always safe. BJP stands as the most corrupt govt that India had ever. BJP finds currently in a hole and if followed then the followers also end up in that hole. And it will be difficult or not possible for the BJP followers to come out of the hole.  

Since the past six years BJP has done nothing better in any State except creating violence and dividing people. People are wary of BJP and look for better govt to get in the groove. Amit Shah can never carry out CAA, NRC or NPR until 2024 and he will find tough situation to even start the process. BJP stands as a party of animals. “History will spit on Amit shah”. Told Anurag Kashyap, a week back. Anurag Kashyap is a Bollywood Filmmaker.

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