BJP used Shaheen Bagh in election campaign not any claims for progress

BJP used Shaheen Bagh in election campaign not any claims for progress

BJP used Shaheen Bagh in their Delhi election campaign for gaining votes without any claims of proceeding further with progress. This shows how BJP ruled India since more than 5 years. Well, they need to talk about progress and about benefits to the people of Delhi. They’re supposed to create more jobs in Delhi and make Delhi even better and should talk about this only. Instead, they say in their campaign or BJP’s advertisement that Shaheen Bagh protesters will be kicked out.

Yes Sir! BJP has Delhi police under their control and even now they can stop Shaheen Bagh protest but they’re playing on. Playing politics using troubled and selfless peaceful protesters of Shaheen Bagh itself speaks volumes of BJP’s intentions.

 BJP used Shaheen Bagh for What?

However, BJP keeps talking about CAA benefits to Indians but they never explain because CAA never benefits any Indian. They say in a statement that they’ll use NPR and CAA to bring minorities from neighboring countries. And they want to give citizenship to them but can’t talk about India’s progress even in future.

How can a govt without providing jobs to their own citizens can give jobs to others. Send Muslims in detention camps and bring foreign minorities from three countries will never be justified. Thus, Narendra Modi followers only rejoice as they dream about Muslims from India to be kicked out. This way BJP in their election campaign for Delhi elections used Shaheen Bagh protesters.  

BJP did many atrocities over innocents using police & RSS even in Delhi but now they’re getting exposed. This is because bad intentions for any innocent can come back and hit without any notice. Delhi election campaign should be for the people and not of inciting hatred as BJP used Shaheen Bagh with criminal mind. Hence, when it’s well known that BJP only works to please the majority then they’ll be the first to get kicked.

Khalid M Raza

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