India needs progress or riots between Hindus & Muslims as BJP prefers?

India needs progress or riots between Hindus & Muslims as BJP prefers?

Muslims are least bothered about their existence and concerned more over why they don’t worship regularly? Yes, they need jobs and a progressing India but their intentions are clear that they worry about life after death. No religion on earth explains about life after death besides Islam. One can visit Mosques in various localities and see that only on Fridays those Mosques have more Muslims worshiping. Well, India needs progress but how this can be achieved if Hindus & Muslims keep fighting?

Many years back when BJP govt was not in power, there were less crimes of rapes. And other crimes like mob lynchings never existed. Crime rate in India increased since BJP formed govt in India since 2014. In 2002 when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat he started troubling first the Gujarati Muslims.

He got huge fan following as the Media supported him and people started to like his aggression. He’s aggressive in his speeches of creating hatred over Muslims and he plays dirty politics using Media. Media as you know sold to BJP long back.

Narendra Modi can use armed forces including police & RSS to create troubles to Muslims. Muslims are happy to be friendly with their Hindu brothers and so are Hindus. You can find lots of Hindus & Muslims already have intimate friendships. BJP thinks India needs progress in dividing Hindus & Muslims and keep troubling all minorities in India.

The future will tell a different story as BJP frames each good work from the minorities as atrocious. Any well behaved Muslim looks to them as a cheat. You cannot blame entire community if few of them commit any crime. Finally, India needs progress and not riots between Hindus & Muslims because innocents will definitely suffer.

Khalid M Raza

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