Narendra Modi circulates videos claiming CAA law should be respected

Narendra Modi circulates videos claiming CAA law should be respected

How can a leader with so many criminal records make people believe in his lies? Yes, Narendra Modi circulates videos and speaks against opposition parties as corrupt. Well, it’s not acceptable that BJP’s make believe world can trouble Indians continuously. BJP expresses that they look for benefits to Indians and nothing more than that.

This is yet another lie he claims and speaks with divide & rule policy. Why he should regard peaceful protesters as criminals. It’s the BJP that created violence in the peaceful protests. Narendra Modi circulates his lies again after creating news about opposition parties and defends BJP.

However, it hurts as people ignore joblessness, corruption of BJP, price inflation & much more. Much more in the sense that BJP destroyed India and carrying violence against minorities. Do people not aware that it’s the police, who damaged vehicles and the PM says people are protesting violently.

BJP tried their best to stop peaceful protesters cleverly. And it’s nuisance that Narendra Modi circulates his lies to gain majority support. The BJP used RSS & police force to enter the libraries and beaten up the students studying there. They took many students under police custody and releasing not the innocent students. If they can’t work for the progress of India then they shouldn’t target minorities to play vote bank politics.  

Narendra Modi Circulates Hatred among Indians

Narendra Modi’s intentions are so bad that he can go to any extent carrying out atrocities against minorities. What the Kashmir people had done so far? Narendra Modi kept the people of Kashmir under curfew since more than 5 months. He will taste defeat soon if he continues spreading fake propaganda.

He was responsible to incite majority to hate the minorities because he never can get more votes from minorities. Thus, if Narendra Modi circulates lies boldly then people should think sensibly and care about justice. And he never cares for justice to prevail in India because he’s from RSS. The role of RSS is to hurt and trouble minorities. Every Indian needs to understand vote bank politics of Narendra Modi.

People have seen everything since decades about this corrupt person. He made rich people more richer and middle class to taste poverty. He killed innocents and defended his demonetization and other failed governance by inciting terrorism. If Narendra Modi circulates his lies then time will tell a different story and he’ll get what he deserves.

How can the minorities accept CAA? Narendra Modi says CAA law should be respected and at what grounds? Any fool can think of Narendra Modi’s CAA law as respectable. Youth in India want jobs & nothing more than that. But, he claims that foreigners will get citizenship and they’ll get jobs but how? Narendra cannot fool majority as most of the Indians are educated and they know how to use their votes.

Khalid M Raza

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