BJP activist caught while shouting Pakistan Zindabad to blame Indian Muslims

BJP activist caught while shouting Pakistan Zindabad to blame Indian Muslims

BJP is playing games more & more and their blame game politics unacceptable. A BJP activist was found shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. Her shouts looked as if a Muslim woman favoring Pakistan. But, when police caught her red handed some journalists approached her and noticed that she’s from BJP.

Police took her into their van and left with her. Don’t know what to what extent can BJP fall down as their bad days seems to be started. BJP never brought good days for Indians as they promised but they’re troubled with their bad days. India’s image in the World become so bad that international media also accusing Indian media for fake news bulletins.

What will India benefit from if BJP continues to create dramas? Indians need jobs and peaceful country rather than just chanting Jai Shree Ram. How long BJP followers can live in hatred against Muslims? Time is so bad for BJP now that they’re using BJP activist or RSS to explain Indians wrong about Muslims.  

What Would Happen if BJP activist not Caught?

Fortunately BJP activist was caught and her bad intentions revealed. Earlier, Muslims shouted Kashif Khan Zindabad in Lucknow. And BJP created news out of it. They shared video in such a way that Muslims seen shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. But, later it was proved that people took the name of AIMIM leader Kashif Khan and not Pakistan.

Well, they failed in few attempts for hurting Muslims or showing that Muslims in India are bad or whatever. However, it’s clean & clear that BJP used RSS and achieved a lot of success to trouble Indian Muslims.

Truth will definitely come out in volumes. Nothing will happen to any Indian even if BJP plays dirty politics. No matter what but truth definitely will be known sooner or later. Let’s think and decide. We need to understand BJP’s intention otherwise it will be too late. Let’s know more about BJP.

In future or from today people will investigate whatever BJP claims and they’ll will not believe BJP. BJP always talks about hatred whether about Pakistan or about Indian Muslims. The BJP is comparing India with Pakistan but India needs to be compared with Western countries.

BJP cannot take India towards benefiting Indians with jobs or anything good but they find success in divide & rule. This makes no sense and Indians are slowly getting awareness about RSS & BJP activist.

BJP is criminal party and they can go to any extent just to keep ruling India. They want power to get cashed in. They’re open enemies of Muslims. If all Indians research about BJP then they’ll know that BJP is enemy of India.

Khalid M Raza

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