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BJP burqa women at Shaheen Bagh reveals new BJP story

BJP burqa women at Shaheen Bagh reveals new BJP story

Women also are used by BJP to make Shaheen Bagh affected this time for making it bigger issue. A woman called Gunja Kapoor was caught and three others fled away. BJP trying their best to make Shaheen Bagh protest as national crime. Just two days in between are left for Delhi elections. And BJP burqa women found intruding various protests across India against CAA.  

Further, it was also known that Gunja Kapoor is also followed by Narendra Modi on Twitter. She’s a prominent figure and was used by BJP to disrupt peace in Shaheen Bagh protest. She runs a YouTube channel and speaks in favor of BJP. She was disclosed as BJP activist in our earlier post. Other BJP burqa women intruders fled away as police was pleased.

And further Gunja Kapoor was safely taken away by Delhi police. She said her name as Barqa (Muslim name) and then she had to disclose her real name. She shouted “Vijay sir please save me”. Thereafter police took her away. Vijay might be some police officer. But, it’s clear that BJP playing cards randomly.

BJP Burqa Women & More 

Gunja Kapoor also carried a camera and other articles and she was fortunately caught. How can Narendra Modi say now to his followers that they can identify Muslims with their clothing? Gunja Kapoor and other BJP burqa women intruders at Shaheen Bagh rubbishes PM’s explanation of Muslim clothing.

He said “you can identify these people with their clothing”, earlier in January last week. What he can say now to Hindu women wearing scarfs or Burqa. Most of the Hindu girls wear scarfs and look as Muslim girls. In this regard what PM can say?

Firstly, Gunja Kapoor said she was sent by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and later she was found speaking lie. This is because she showed her identity proof to journalists when they asked her to know she’s Gunja Kapoor. Journalists were shocked whether she converted to Hinduism within minutes as earlier she said Barqa as her name.

Barqa is a Muslim name and she used to fool not the police but journalists. Police was with her and police persons took her away safely.

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