Depression in youth concerns India as jobless youth committing suicides

Depression in youth concerns India as jobless youth committing suicides

A person can be diagnosed to be in depression following his or her change of lifestyle. He or she might be unable to respond over what’s asked them to. They look sad and quiet. Depression makes people try hard to behave normally. Thus, they skip group discussions and sit alone or never come out from their rooms. They show to their relatives as if they’re sleeping but quietly fight against depression being alone.

Once anyone notices this behavior then he or she should take the victim of depression to a psychiatrist. And never they should consult a physician. It takes a couple of weeks of medication to come out of depression and feel better.  

Youth in India are troubled over their joblessness and because they can’t find jobs they’re depressed. People around them understand that because of no job so and so is sad. But, it’s not right to always give comfort to any depressed person by using nice or encouraging words to be happy. Youth when not consult a psychiatric for treatment of this illness might suffer more. And consequently try to end their lives.

Loss of lives is a great disaster for any country. Indians often feel that he or she might be sad because he or she unable to find job. That phase already passed away from their lives as they already experience depression since a long time.

What one needs to do is take action. And instead of advising something good to make their sad member at home be happy, they should take he or she to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist can treat depression nicely and the victim will be normal in a month. This move will be helpful as suicide will be out of equation.

Khalid M Raza

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