President Trump to end his leadership for USA as it was expected

President Trump to end his leadership for USA as it was expected

President Trump lost out over his impeachment and have to end his leadership. Time has come for Donald Trump to leave and out he’ll go. No doubt about his Presidency tenure to end it’s the beginning of a new era.

USA has seen many Presidents come and go but it seems Barrack Obama will be back again. Talking about failed USA leaders, George Bush comes into my mind. He created trouble for the Muslim World and he got what he deserved.

It seems Narendra Modi is also packing up to wind up his governance soon. His atrocities over Muslims in Kashmir and across India including UP & Assam will not be forgiven. However, President Trump will be no more and here comes his end.  

How President Trump got support from Modi?

You might be wondering why this post includes Narendra Modi when it’s title belongs to Donald Trump? In the early 2019, Narendra Modi went to USA and carried out his most expensive program Howdy-Modi. And there he was applauded by his followers. What was disappointing to know that Narendra Modi campaigned for Donald Trump.

Trump was pleased and knew the sycophancy of Narendra Modi. Modi went on to say that next time again it will be Trump govt. That turned out against BJP as many experts criticized Narendra Modi. Well, President Trump will be no more as a leader of USA.

Asians shouldn’t bother about what happens in USA but it’s better to be abreast with what’s happening around the World. We’ve seen so many leaders with filth have come and did leadership in India & Pakistan. However, currently Pakistan has a better leader & India has the worst leader like Narendra Modi.

Modi keeps on eating money and keeps selling govt companies and much more. He never benefits the poor & the middle class as he makes rich more richer. He’s sold to RSS and speaks lies and Indian Media is sold to BJP. These are a very few of the facts.

Khalid M Raza

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