Vodafone connectivity problem increased as customers turn to Airtel

Vodafone connectivity problem increased as customers turn to Airtel

Vodafone connectivity problem, but…

Vodafone was referred as one of the best mobile service provider. Since Hutch was regarded as the best service provider with users attracted over Hutch innovative marketing. Hutch was changed to Vodafone and lesser profits began to hurt the company. Then, since 2016 till 2018, it was known that Vodafone was unable to bear taxes and considered as a defaulter.

Customers were pleased with the connectivity until end of 2019. But then the company started not to invest and merged with Idea.

Today, most of the people finding tough to get connected using Vodafone. The company along with Idea bearing losses.  

Mobile connectivity is a necessity and concerns from many users over connectivity problem causing mobile service providers to bear losses. Some companies like Airtel riding on high spirits as their services well maintained. They’re benefited with customers or users of Vodafone & Idea as users find Airtel as best mobile service provider.

Jio mobile is the worst company as it started increasing customers by providing free data. Later, Jio mobile started charging just too much. And with their poor connectivity, Jio will lose as many as Millions of customers in coming months. Well, it will be Airtel, which will benefit a lot. Airtel will progress more if Vodafone & Idea never invest for solving connectivity issues. Companies like Aircel already got bankrupt with prolong redundancy.

Earlier, it was Jio company, which was accruing huge profits. Jio made billions with their clever strategies but currently users are shifting from Jio also to Airtel. It’s time for Jio to fall after it was raised high by users across the country. Jio is also bearing some losses related as lesser profits generated than expected.

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