Bank loans applied in large numbers as people want NPR in their favor

Bank loans applied in large numbers as people want NPR in their favor

Banks are busy these days with applications for bank loans keeps coming in. People think that if NPR gets carried out throughout India then bank loans can help them. They believe that NPR will be in their favor once they get approval for bank loans.  

Bank loans support NPR in Favor?

NRC is now NPR. Previously NRC (National Register of Citizenship) was carried out in Assam. NPR (National Population Register) is almost same as NRC. In fact NPR is just a copy of NRC. So, people are afraid if BJP carries out NPR and seizes their citizenship. They’re opting for numerous other alternatives to fight against blacklisted NPR strategy.

NPR is blacklisted because it’s made on the basis of religion. People think if they get loans from banks then govt will keep them in India to retrieve their loan money. After all money can buy you even you’re citizenship because with NPR, BJP wants to create trouble to poor minorities.  

Minorities are thinking that when their Pan cards, Aadhar cards, Passports, and Voter ids not sufficient for NPR then what. Number of people in India are found in queues for birth certificates and making fake documents. They’re preparing documents as old as over 70 years back to claim citizenship.

Thus, they’re paying money to the brokers & agents. Finally, the agents are also known to the people for making fake IT certificates and much more. With the obtained fake IT certificates, they’re thinking cleverly. Thereby, with IT certificates as good as original ones, people are applying for bank loans. They think that loans can help them for NPR to be in their favor.

Khalid M Raza

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