Pakistan progressed under Imran Khan as 9 Billion dollars to be saved yearly

Pakistan progressed under Imran Khan as 9 Billion dollars to be saved yearly

Pakistan progressed leaving behind many nations under the leadership of Imran Khan is hard to believe. However, huge gas reserves found to confirm that Pakistan expected to save $9 Billion every year. Further reports also say that Pakistan has oil reserves to make Pakistan proceed towards becoming one of the rich nation.  

If gold & many other resources in abundance enrich India then it’s good for Indians. As already Indian economy troubled under the leadership of Narendra Modi acting as a fascist. But, Imran Khan believes Pakistan progressed with the efforts of Pakistanis. And it’s not just because of keeping patience & living peacefully. Rather, the Pakistanis followed his peacemaking efforts and that gave him an upper hand over Narendra Modi.

Recently, Imran Khan was hit hard over false peacemaking claims as Nankana attack was criticized by oppositions in Pakistan. Later, it was known that the criminal minded opposition parties in Pakistan did so. The opposition in Pakistan is filthy minded and they hate Imran Khan. But, Indians like him and are struggling hard to remove Narendra Modi as PM of India. The rise of the fall of BJP already have begun for a peaceful India.

Imran Khan always believed in peace and hard work. He said earlier that, “Two ways were shown to me by my mother. First way is to struggle hard and walking through it is tough and later you’ll find huge success. The second way is short and easy way to reach success and at the end it can create troubles”. Imran Khan is silent over the claims of agencies reporting that Pakistan finds huge gas & oil reserves.

He always believed and said many times that the Almighty has given Pakistan a lot. And it requires hard work only for Pakistan’s progress.

Khalid M Raza

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