Amit Shah resignation likely  as SC to push BJP out say legal advisers

Amit Shah resignation likely as SC to push BJP out say legal advisers

Legal advisers for Supreme Court find it’s not easy for BJP to stop Shaheen Bagh protesters. Protests are the rights of every citizen if they’re against such laws that hurt their better future. Every citizen can protest for his or her rights and can demand the govt to make changes in the favor of citizens. Over 80% of Indians do not accept the Acts like CAA, NRC or NPR as BJP is at back foot. Amit Shah earlier told that he’ll not move an inch backwards with regard to CAA, NRC or NPR. Thus, Amit Shah resignation is likely on the basis of growing protests across India.

Indians are growing to about more than 80% to reject CAA, NRC or NPR. It’s also likely that Yogi Adityanath also will resign as per inside reports.

Yogi Adityanath is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and he has to resign because of his hate speeches as noticed by SC. Legal advisers of SC expected that Amit Shah resignation will be inevitable because of his change of statements. One time Prime Minister Narendra Modi says something and Amit Shah says something else.

Thus, BJP is in deep trouble and BJP also blamed for using RSS goons. Delhi results will be declared on Feb 11 before 5PM and it’s likely that BJP will lose. BJP will lose despite reports of tampering EVMs come from various reporters and went viral on Social Media. But, Delhi will be happy over the results as BJP to lose Delhi. This is a huge setback for BJP govt. And this will create Amit Shah resignation and much more trouble to BJP.

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