Thursday, February 22, 2024
BJP blames Muslims as terrorists for not voting for BJP in Delhi

BJP blames Muslims as terrorists for not voting for BJP in Delhi

Is it justified to blame Muslim voters? BJP leaders continue to speak about EVMs. Yes, they want to express that what they’ve done with EVMs shouldn’t be in news as they want people to wait for Feb 11. Further, BJP blames Muslims as terrorists when exit polls revealed BJP’s exit from Delhi. However, Manoj Tiwari also indicated by using EVMs in his claims for the results on Feb 11 as it shows EVMs tampered. BJP cannot fool the people by tampering with EVMs as truth will come out soon.

Shaheen Bagh women blamed for showing documents to vote and also blamed as terrorists by BJP. Why BJP blames Muslims always? It’s a main question to be answered. Do people know that to what extent BJP can go to cheat Indians. They tampered EVMs but they’ll lose in Delhi as it’s inevitable. It’s because BJP blames the innocents. And this attitude can push BJP towards deep trouble.

Experts say that BJP blames Omar Abdullah & Mehbooba Mufi without any reason. BJP keeping these two leaders in jail for no reason & their false claims will be noticed. There’s nothing spoken by Omar Abdullah upon inciting violence but still he’s not released.

Mehbooba Mufti also troubled by BJP for no such reason of inciting people for terrorism. Finally, BJP blames Muslims for not voting them and how do they know which community votes for whom? The BJP is hitting hammers in their own feet. They’re over smart and will be defeated. People will dismiss this BJP govt very soon. Every rise has a fall and the rise of the fall of BJP continues.

Khalid M Raza

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