Police take action on private parts of Jamia students for severe injuries

Police take action on private parts of Jamia students for severe injuries

Delhi police is exposed again. How can police take such action on Jamia students in their peaceful protest. This is highly condemned as police becomes barbaric again. Repeating Dec 15 again should be reported to whom? Heinous criminal police take action against Jamia students by beating them at their private parts. Many students seriously injured including elderly mothers as police barbarism is exposed yet again.  

Some say police trying hard to beat students at their body parts including private parts. It’s a shame that police take such action for creating violence on peaceful protests. Jamia students are unafraid and claim that they’ll keep protesting for their rights.

Delhi police take such action for defenders of constitution is absolute shame. This is a heinous crime and should be taken seriously as Jamia students also not troubling traffic. Thus, we should stand for Jamia students and support them with our prayers.

It’s high time that BJP should be taught a strong lesson. BJP is using RSS and police force to stop peaceful protests since a long time. This is barbarism and needs to be taken seriously as students are seriously injured.

Women protesters also beaten at their private parts and this is offensive crime. BJP should be banned as India is not dependent on such barbaric BJP leaders towards progress of more violence. BJP is continuously troubling peaceful protesters. It’s highly condemned crime and should be stopped. It hurts a lot while reporting this news. Jamia students are not terrorists and police shouldn’t be allowed to do such crime.

Muslims should start praying and keep protesting against violation of constitution by BJP. They should leave all their matters to the most Merciful Almighty and pray while not stopping protests. Think wisely and do not be afraid.

Khalid M Raza

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