SC issued order to BJP, Delhi Police regarding Shaheen Bagh explanation

SC issued order to BJP, Delhi Police regarding Shaheen Bagh explanation

SC issued orders to Delhi Police and also to BJP for explaining what they’ve done for Shaheen Bagh. BJP sought the Supreme Court (SC) to take action against Shaheen Bagh protesters to stop them from protesting. The BJP filed a report claiming that Shaheen Bagh protests troubling traffic and creating traffic jams. However, SC decided to issue orders to Delhi police & BJP to reply over Shaheen Bagh by Feb 17. BJP & Delhi police needs to explain as what they’ve done till date to stop Shaheen Bagh protesters?  

This time BJP is accused by SC for abetting protesters since a long time. BJP should’ve have listened to what protesters are demanding for. The BJP govt should’ve conducted peaceful talks with Shaheen Bagh protesters. Thus, SC issued orders against BJP to explain why they failed to convince peaceful protesters in their favor?  

BJP caught again in confusion over how they can stop Shaheen Bagh protesters against a single issue of traffic. They need to explain by approaching the protesters about their Acts that made not on religion. But, BJP’s acts are actually made on the basis of religion. So, they cannot make a report and submit to the Supreme Court.

Even if they create a report claiming fake offense of peaceful protesters then the report should carry weight. Thus, BJP is in trouble to find out ways to stop Shaheen Bagh protest. The BJP also wanted the SC to at least stop the protest for seven days. But they failed as SC issued orders against BJP & Delhi police.

Khalid M Raza

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