SC to attack Constitution as BJP tampers EVM to win in Delhi on Feb 11

SC to attack Constitution as BJP tampers EVM to win in Delhi on Feb 11

Amid various violent incidences happened in Delhi, BJP was accused by Delhi people for tampering EVM. Then RSS goons seen attacking Shaheen Bagh peaceful protesters. And later SC will decide whether Shaheen Bagh protesters to be stopped or not. Earlier, AAP claimed that Election Commission delayed in announcing voter percentage. Then, it was known that EVM machines found moving from EVM strong rooms. Thus, it was known that BJP finds itself in deep trouble.

Once, the Delhi results come in favor of BJP then there would be investigation demand. And that will make BJP to bow down. However, excluding Election Commission and major authorities in India the SC don’t favor BJP all the time.

SC looks for solutions rather than creating trouble to society with their decision. However, SC will make a big decision in favor of AAP if EVMs tampered by BJP proved. And upon Shaheen Bagh protesters. It was claimed that SC to attack Shaheen Bagh with yet another decision favoring against road traffic.

SC to attack Constitution again with Shaheen Bagh  

BJP used RSS against Shaheen Bagh peaceful protesters after smelling victory in Delhi. But, wait till Feb 11 as it would be BJP to lose because many BJP workers moving EVMs were caught on the spot. BJP suffering huge loss of dignity as people knowing them as criminals. Again BJP to fail pleasing their followers with their wrong activities only to rule India. RSS attacked Shaheen Bagh and it was another crime committed by BJP.

It’s useful to know the intentions of BJP because they’re surviving on divide & rule policy. When SC decided to rule with injustice then every time Asaduddin Owaisi spoke in support of secularism. Asaduddin Owaisi also said that SC had lost their values. He brought constitution awareness to the people of India. He wants to defend the constitution even if BJP creates heinous crimes because criminals might not last for long.

Also SC (Supreme Court) will take action if reports of tampering EVMs by BJP proved correct. SC will act justly and not that it favored BJP once in Babri Masjid case. But it was SC’s idea to avoid heaviest violence as expected if BJP denied permission to build Ram Temple.

However, whatever the circumstances, justice and right decisions should always come up. Shaheen Bagh protests are not violating constitution as every Indian has right to protest against govt’s wrong policies. This means that SC to attack Shaheen Bagh today if it stops peaceful protesters from protesting.

Khalid M Raza

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