Tuesday, February 20, 2024
BJP got 3 seats as BJP hate inciting campaign failed in Delhi

BJP got 3 seats as BJP hate inciting campaign failed in Delhi

Ominous signs for BJP looks evident as BJP’s downfall begins. AAP got 67 seats as a massive support from Delhi voters for peaceful growth in Delhi. While BJP was hurled with just 3 seats, the people of Delhi has woken up all Indians. And that will lead to an end of BJP as their downfall begins. BJP got only 3 seats as further reports awaited. But, it looks all the current Amit Shah was talking about to insult Shaheen Bagh protesters shocked him. “Press the button so hard that the current will affect Shaheen Bagh”. Amit Shah told before Delhi elections.  

Now what BJP got with their worsening of Indian economy and increasing of joblessness? GDP fell down heavily and their hate speeches didn’t worked this time. Likewise people are wakening up and India wants no temple or any Taj Mahal type structure but jobs.

And healthy economy with progressing India peacefully. Narendra Modi’s rise of the fall has begun. As Asaduddin Owaisi told every rise will taste its fall and it’s possible. Thus, India takes a sigh of big relief as all eyes were on the results of Delhi elections. But, BJP created drama over trying to hack EVMs and failed to do so. “BJP will get 48 seats and please don’t blame EVMs”. Said Manoj Tiwari often called as Rinkiya ke Pappa (Rinkiya’s father).

People of Delhi also thought cleverly by not voting for Congress and the results shocked BJP. BJP blamed Arvind Kejriwal as terrorist and much more against AAP but truth ultimately spoke volumes. Finally, BJP got 7 seats. But their winning appreciated in their 3 seat victory as these 3 seats correspond to BJP’s secular leaders.

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