Thursday, February 22, 2024
Delhi favored Secularism as hate spreading BJP defeated in hiding crimes

Delhi favored Secularism as hate spreading BJP defeated in hiding crimes

BJP’s crime has been discussed since over 2 years and BJP never bothered for India’s progress since 6 years. But, Delhi favored Secularism and voted for AAP to hit BJP hard as Delhi defended Constitution. Delhi people did so to inspire Secularism in the mind of entire Country. Their mission to defeat BJP has been successful and they’re celebrating AAP victory. Thus, many things come into mind about BJP as they spread not only hatred but did so many crimes. Their hidden crimes exposed now.  

Whenever Election results come in favor for what people want then the other losing party gets exposed. Praise and appreciation surround the party winning by majority. AAP is now in the talks of all Indians and in the discussion leading towards BJP’s hidden crimes exposed.

RSS & BJP’s Delhi Police caught while they did filthy activities in front of Women protesters. And they used rods to beat Women & Youth involved in protesting against BJP in Delhi.

There are still protests mainly in two locations of Delhi still going on. BJP did so many acts of violence that their 3 Acts; CAA, NRC or NPR will not be accepted. Delhi favored peace & prosperity over hatred & violence to live not as divided Indians.

Many Hindu Women & Men supported secularism in India just to help their fellow Muslims. It’s not just a celebration for Delhi people but the whole India is happy except a few Modi Bhakts. There’s still time that all Indians will know about what Secularism in India can bring change. Secularism when preferred then nations like India with people of different religions living together will find only progress. India demands progress and it’s possible if BJP steps down.

PM Congratulating???

Khalid M Raza

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