SC in India becomes fair enough despite few decisions against minority

SC in India becomes fair enough despite few decisions against minority

“The Supreme Court is Supreme but no infallible”. Said AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi earlier upon SC’s decision over Babri Masjid. Thus, things since then have changed and SC becomes fair enough to practice justice. SC in India cannot be blamed over a few unfair decisions or verdicts. 

BJP might suffer in depth over their encouragement of violence upon minorities as SC will take right decisions. It’s time to think for a progressing India and Indians need a better government to deal with price inflation.

Indians are expressing their concern over BJP’s failed promises upon providing jobs and reviving economy. BJP failed in making India proceed towards progress and succeeded in dividing people with inciting hatred. But, later this divide & rule policy also made people to understand that BJP is not only corrupt but also selfish. Hence, SC in India favoring Indians in secular way and will take stringent action if required on violators of law & order.

SC understands the problems of helpless minorities and have become fair enough except a few decisions against minority. Minority in India always helped Indian economy by spending a lot from foreign remittances. They live in India without fear because they think India as their own country.

This means that they love India and want to live in India peacefully. SC in India also hit by SC lawyers. They keep fighting for justice and its time for us to move on and look always for justice. However, this time BJP will definitely take back their created 3 Acts against Muslims as they want desperately to remain in power. Otherwise they’ll be pushed backwards. Then it will be the end of their journey. 

Khalid M Raza

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