Kashmir still under curfew as BJP exposed over atrocities to Kashmiris

Kashmir still under curfew as BJP exposed over atrocities to Kashmiris

Well, we know that Jammu is made UT (Union Territory) by BJP govt under the leadership of Narendra Modi. But, why Kashmir still under curfew? And BJP needs to answer few questions regarding their atrocities over Kashmiris. Narendra Modi can still develop Kashmir without imposing curfew in the valley. And he can also do whatever he wants to without troubling Muslims in Kashmir.

No internet in Kashmir is a minor issue for the Kashmiris than their independent lives. They’ve no social rights but why they should be troubled everyday with heinous crimes over them? And it’s shocking to know that Kashmir still under curfew since over 6 months.

Do Muslims raise their voices from across other parts of India than from Kashmir? No, but Kashmiris are fighting hard and living under severe difficulties. If Muslims & Non Muslims from across India raise voices then issues of CAA, NRC or NPR will be not solved.

Thus, Indians know that Kashmiris are still under deep trouble by the BJP govt but unable to raise their voices. They’re thinking about their better future other than Kashmir to oust BJP. This way it’s helping Muslims in Kashmir because once BJP ousted then entire India will find peace including Kashmiris.

Thus, Shaheen Bagh protesters are helping Kashmiris indirectly by exposing BJP crimes. Yes, BJP is exposed of committing crimes over innocents by using RSS. Let’s not be content with what we’re doing but we should be content with what we’ve done so far.

Khalid M Raza

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