Who hates Muslims of India? Real time Story to know reality of Indian Muslims

Who hates Muslims of India? Real time Story to know reality of Indian Muslims

About a large population of India numbering to over 50 Crore Non Muslims in India support Muslims. This figure has been calculated by analyzing social media comments and web post comments and the figure is not less. Who hates Muslims?

A question Muslims can answer to blame themselves to begin with. Muslims in India do not follow Islam righteously. And need not be blamed for this because innocents always needs to be helped always according to Islam. Innocents can be Hindus, Parsis, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Dalits and so on. People of any religion if not guilty of any offense rather than committing sins are innocents with regard to Islam.

Even if a Muslim never prays his compulsory 5 time prayers and commits sins will be a good person according to Islam. This is because we never know what good deed of him or her pleases the Almighty? Thus, Islam gives importance more to good manners and spreading of peaceful message rather than punishing sinners.  

Yes, Who hates Muslims?

Sinners are violators of peace, killers, illegal sexual offenders, liers, backbiters, and those, who do not pray 5 time prayers. And importantly those Muslims, who commit shirk and this sin is not forgivable in Islam. Shirk is associating partners to the Almighty. Shirk can also be with regard to worshiping the dead people. Dead are often worshiped by Muslims in Dargahs.

Well, still committers of Shirk are also innocents according to Islam because they might be guided later on. Who knows? So, helping innocents always necessary for Muslims whether they commit any sin or not. But, who hates Muslims?

Firstly, Muslims hate other Muslims in such a way that they find them as wrongdoers and insult them. No Muslim in Islam has the right to insult any Muslim by exposing his or her sins. Well, lets discuss more about who hates Muslims?

The extremists of any community with regard to RSS, Hindu extremists, Christian extremists, Sikh extremists etc. Muslim extremists if believe that they’re only good and other Muslims are not are supposed to be haters of Muslims. We can discuss more about who hates Muslims? But, for now it’s understandable that the present govt of BJP is the enemy of all Indians. BJP not only hates Muslims but also other Indians belonging to various religions.

Khalid M Raza

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