How NPR can destroy BJP with intentions of hatred against Muslims?

How NPR can destroy BJP with intentions of hatred against Muslims?

NPR is National Register of Citizenship and the Act if carried out from April 1, 2020 will hit BJP hard. BJP not imposing NRC across India as they changed their Act similar to NRC as NPR. BJP thinks that they can humiliate Muslims in India and Muslim visitors to India from neighboring countries. But, it needs a lot to carry out the process of NPR on the basis of religion as BJP will be destroyed. How? Let’s analyze further.

BJP wants to push Indian Muslims to be as secondary citizens with their right to vote will be seized. They’re fooling themselves by creating a hateful atmosphere in India. Only some educated Hindus including those from mainstream media support BJP as they claim Narendra Modi as Global leader.

We’ve come to know through a brief research that a few educated Hindus always wanted to transform India to Hindu Nation. Can it be possible that fascism wins over democracy?

BJP now speaking about Darul Uloom Deoband. BJP says Darul Uloom Deoband is responsible for making Muslims to protest against CAA. Hindus in India more than Muslims are against CAA then who’s responsible for this? The voice of Indians has become one as Hindus and Muslims together are against BJP now. Fascism will only come to be destructed and BJP will be destroyed soon.

NPR Act will destroy BJP

With use of fake reporting the mainstream media supporting BJP but for how long? Truth will come out and BJP already exposed and with their offering of tickets to criminals to join politics. All Indians are aware that Sadhvi Pragya being a terrorist belongs to BJP. She is a Member of Parliament from Bhopal. Other than Sadhvi Pragya, there are many BJP leaders, who has criminal records. So, Supreme Court of India questioned about this BJP crime of late.

BJP govt have to spend huge money to carry out their criminal Acts and they can’t do so. Their criminal Acts like CAA, NRC or NPR never take place because they’re questioned by Supreme Court frequently. Supreme Court is about to ask BJP some questions and if they don’t reply meaningfully then they’ll be in trouble.

Peaceful protests from Indians framed by BJP as violent protests but people still protesting without bothering about BJP’s fake reporting. Uttar Pradesh already exposed for killing innocent Muslims. However, today in Uttar Pradesh it was reported that protests against NPR started. So, Uttar Pradesh also joins protests across in India as entire India is against BJP. BJP will taste destruction as they proceed to carry out NPR. And this is inevitable because majority of Indians will never submit any documents.

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