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PM Narendra Modi spent 98 Cr to initiate Cow urine research for what?

PM Narendra Modi spent 98 Cr to initiate Cow urine research for what?

PM Narendra Modi spent huge money and has to spend more on Cow urine, dung research. Researchers initially rejected Cow urine’s benefits but now they started the project with a research of over 2 years. They’re given hefty amount to keep working. PM Narendra Modi spent Rs 98 Cr & needs to spend more with this 2 year long project.

The motive is to make products like shampoos, soaps, mosquito repellents, etc. PM also emphasized the importance of Cow in India and to be believed as a deity.

Wastage of money on such research is not advisable because the research might turn over to huge losses. Experts believe that Cow waste matter consists tonnes of bacteria and it will only be a problem to health. And the result will not favor even Cow urine as beneficial leave aside Cow dung.

However, Villagers use fresh Cow dung mixed with water to paste in front of their door. And they believe pasting Cow dung helps to keep away ants & flies and also good fortune. PM Narendra Modi is a Village born man and he insists that Cow urine if utilized then India will progress. And people should consume & use to Cow urine & Cow dung products such as noodles, toothpaste, and spices, etc.

Patanjali products are popularly known as Cow urine made products. Baba Ramdev instructed all his followers to drink fresh Cow urine. He told to consume Cow urine with empty stomach. Consuming Cow dung also advised by Ramdev for a healthy life. However, a few reports claim that Cow’s waste matter might affect human bones if consumed in any form.

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