Jamia protesters exposed Narendra Modi as Indian Media also woken up

Jamia protesters exposed Narendra Modi as Indian Media also woken up

Jamia protesters exposed Narendra Modi. He continues speaking lies about protesters and continues defending Delhi police. He was firmly in support of Police and claimed that protesters damaged public property. However, another an authentic report highlights that the police damaged buses to blame students. Hence, BJP lies were exposed. Amit Shah also supported Police against peaceful protesters of Jamia Millia Islamia University.

A video gone viral and it shows the atrocities of Police against innocent students. It shows the students were studying in the Jamia library and were beaten up by the Police. Thus, Narendra Modi & Amit Shah needs to answer and explain about this issue to Supreme Court.  

A Petition has been filed against BJP for ignoring the atrocities of Police over innocent students. When Jamia protesters exposed Narendra Modi as he supported Police barbarism then NDTV also spoke about Delhi Police.

The NDTV on YouTube clearly shared the video about Police troubling innocent students. This is unfortunate and it needs an inquiry and immediate action. Action against BJP needs to be taken immediately. The Supreme Court can also punish Prime Minister of India if he’s found guilty of committing crimes.

However, Jamia protesters gained support over one sided governance. And this will put BJP in deep trouble. BJP is supposed to explain the Court as Petition is already filed against the party.

 The Delhi Police has been left with many questions to answer. This is yet another crime from Delhi Police that has exposed BJP. The footage clearly show the barbaric crime of Delhi Police. Previously Delhi Police was accused of damaging vehicles. But this time Delhi Police is under deep trouble. They’ll not escape as the cases has been filed against them.

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