Modi spends Rs 600 Cr for his expenses on security from public money

Modi spends Rs 600 Cr for his expenses on security from public money

Narendra Modi spends not only on his personal life but also consumes public money on his security. Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi spends about 600 Cr & more on living with govt’s provided luxury facilities. It’s disclosed to the people of India because BJP consuming a lot of money and dividing India on the basis of religion.  

Tax payers needs to be respected as upon their money BJP is doing criminal activities. The tax payers have all the rights to ask questions because the BJP leaders are living on their money. The BJP continues to incite terror by speaking against minorities. BJP is regarded as the enemies of all Indians. Their misguidance to make terror groups act against any religion should be condemned.

India cannot be made a country belonging to one religion and BJP knows this but still they’re fooling the masses. They’re inciting majority for making India a Hindu nation only to get majority favor.

BJP is ruling on with divide & rule politics for gaining support from the majority of Indians. It was BJP, who did many promises and never fulfilled their promises even after taking a lot of time. BJP promised particularly upon creating jobs and reviving economy but they failed because they want to rule.

BJP never cares about farmers or poor people and still playing cards with their criminal Acts, CAA, NRC or NPR. These 3 Acts are dismissed already by 70% of population in India.

Khalid M Raza

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