Why working women are sensible? – A short Story – Read for FREE

Why working women are sensible? – A short Story – Read for FREE

Percentage of working women across the world has been on the rise. Here’s Emma as Software Engineer in a multinational company. She is always focused with her job and performs her duties responsibly with happiness. She’s always in joyful mood and that grabs attention of her men colleagues. Working for earning more & more is not her primary intention but to keep herself busy and self sufficient. She’s delighted with whatever respect she gets in her company. 

Emma is single but lives with her parents. Both her parents keep her happy at home as well. Teresa is her mother and her father is John. This working lady’s full name is obviously Emma John.  

Working as per Requirement? 

Emma’s manager gives her a challenging task and she accepts and starts working on this challenging project. Her male colleagues disturb her a lot during her working on this challenging project. She wasn’t annoyed with whatever her colleagues do to get her attention as she used to respond sweetly. But not this time because she needs to concentrate hard over this challenging task to complete within couple of weeks.

She needs to find out a way to get least bothered by her colleagues. So, she dresses herself in such a way that her dress covers her entire body. And she stops using lipstick or any makeup and defends herself from getting disturbed. This makes her colleagues to ignore her because they get hurt over her arrogance.

Soon, she realizes that she’s not disturbed by anyone in the company. But, as soon as she completes her project, she dresses attractively on the day of completion of her project. And with a nice makeup and red colored lipstick. Yes, her manager appreciates her for completing the challenging task on time. She’s happy now and needs not much concentration in her normal duty. So, she resumes enjoying with her colleagues and behaves in such a way that pleases everyone.

  • Emma is beautiful and attractive lady.  
  • She behaves always politely and makes her coworkers realize that she cares everyone.  
  • Emma knows how to work as per job requirement.
  • She prefers working to earn and keep herself busy as she’s single.

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