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Amit Shah accused of speaking lies by Shaheen Bagh protesters

Amit Shah accused of speaking lies by Shaheen Bagh protesters

Amit Shah is Union Home Minister of India. He’s supposed to say whatever he wants to but according to what people want from him. He says one day something and another day something else. It’s unfortunate that Amit Shah accused of speaking lies by Shaheen Bagh protesters.

Amit Shah said whoever wants to meet him can do so. He said he’ll take only 3 days to meet anyone protesting against CAA. Further, he said he will explain people about CAA. But, his intention was to say something and leave that statement on police. And later police can take care for not allowing anyone to take an appointment to meet him. This way Amit Shah accused of playing dirty politics.

Every time discussing about BJP’s politics as dirty puts even us to protest writing over BJP. But, it’s our duty to reach people allover the world in small or large numbers with factual reports. We’re also troubled and bravely say Amit Shah and other top Ministers of BJP including Narendra Modi speak lies always.

Women at Shaheen Bagh working very hard under severe conditions to protest against CAA. They’re world famous now and they’re not worried over their lives. They’ve sacrificed their lives and protesting consistently since over 2 months.

If BJP wants to shoot them then they’re ready to die. And if police wants to arrest them then on what grounds police can arrest Shaheen Bagh protesters.

Further, Supreme Court of India allowed Shaheen Bagh protesters to continue their protest as it’s their right to protest. And it’s as per the constitution and lawful. Thus, Amit Shah accused of playing hide and seek.

Khalid M Raza

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