Amit Shah is afraid to meet Shaheen Bagh Women as he sends police to stop them reaching him

Amit Shah is afraid to meet Shaheen Bagh Women as he sends police to stop them reaching him

Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah offered to talk to the protesters at Shaheen Bagh in New Delhi. He wanted them to explain the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). However, protesters claim that Amit Shah is afraid of Shaheen Bagh women disclose CAA as they already knew about it. This offer was also claimed by Amit Shah as unofficial because he was categorical.

It means he cannot discuss about CAA with anti CAA protesters in support of CAA as it will reveal his policy. Moreover, Amit Shah is afraid to disclose the rules and points mentioned in the CAA as CAA not amended yet. He wanted to discuss issues relating to CAA, NRC or NPR but he was ‘unprepared’. It means Amit Shah is playing dirty politics.

This offer from Amit Shah already accepted by a number of anti-CAA protesters including those at Shaheen Bagh. Elderly women as well as young women protesters from Shaheen Bagh marched towards Amit Shah’s official residence. He could’ve have easily met women but was afraid upon his security.

The women protesters were stopped by police before they could reach Amit Shah’s official residence. This itself is such an irritating fact that only Amit Shah could explain as it tells a different story. Had he met at least a few women then the matter could’ve been solved. It seems Amit Shah has nothing for explanation to defend CAA. Already his remarks against Shaheen Bagh women screwed him up.  

Why Amit Shah is afraid?

Horrible to know that Police cited security reasons for not allowing protesters to undertake the march to Amit Shah’s residence. Shaheen Bagh protesters includes women as well as young children and there was no issue of security to Amit Shah. Further, he said only a delegation can be allowed to meet him. But, there’s no one managing the protesters of Shaheen Bagh and Amit Shah is afraid still. He’s afraid because his mentioned terms and conditions in BJP’s CAA are easily understood. And there’s nothing to discuss about CAA rather than revoking it.

Shaheen Bagh has been leaderless and makes it a tough task for the protesters to agree on who will represent them. However, to what extent Mr Amit Shah can fool the people of India? This questions is raised again as Amit Shah is afraid to defend BJP’s Acts with his criminal mind.

Khalid M Raza

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