Narendra Modi not to take back CAA as protesters reveal his wrong intentions

Narendra Modi not to take back CAA as protesters reveal his wrong intentions

Prime Minister of India from BJP govt is against taking back his proposed CAA as he’s focused to create violence. Yes, Narendra Modi not to take back CAA, NRC or NPR. He confirmed this as he stood firm claiming CAA will benefit India. His intentions are revealed by protesters in large numbers. Narendra Modi not only from BJP but also from RSS.

RSS is a terror group and it means Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. RSS started their illegal operations since 1925. unfortunately, we’ve a Prime Minister leading our India being a member of terror group RSS.

All the people of India know in detail about CAA, NRC or NPR that these Acts cannot benefit India. There’s always discussions about these criminal Acts and awareness about these Acts been made time & again by experts. Experts made people to look into these Acts that they cannot benefit India.

Moreover, these Acts only assures BJP’s publicity and to please the followers of Narendra Modi. Thus, it’s a crime for all Indians to favor or support CAA, NRC or NPR. This is so because India needs to progress and cannot be left behind as joblessness & price inflation affecting Indians. BJP wants to ride on while dividing India. Yes, Narendra Modi’s wrong intentions are exposed yet again. No Indian wants India to be as Hindu nation as they keep on protesting against BJP.

Except 30% of Narendra Modi followers all Indians prefer to boycott CAA. Thus, Supreme Court of India will play a key role and justice will save Indians from BJP’s atrocities. Protesters revealed that Narendra Modi favoring these Acts but his dirty politics will not last long. His intentions are to rule in anyway. His criminal Acts are based upon divide & rule policy. Thus, BJP will find their end soon.

Khalid M Raza

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