Non Muslim Butchers make money during Bakrid as Muslim butchers sell Goats

Non Muslim Butchers make money during Bakrid as Muslim butchers sell Goats

It’s good to know that Muslims really provide jobs & various benefits to govt during Bakrid & Ramadan. Non Muslim butchers visit Muslim homes and slaughter the sheep or goats to make huge money. Each non Muslim butcher supposedly makes at least Rs 40,000 in a single Bakrid day. It’s because each ‘butcher’ used to slaughter 25 to 30 sheep or more.

The non Muslim butchers used to work in other fields and look focused to make money during Bakrid. The so called non Muslim butchers are not professional in their work to slaughter sheep. They used to work as welders or painters or in various other fields but they look for making money during Bakrid. Bakrid is Muslim festival of sacrifice. It’s called Eid Ul Zoha according to Islam.  

Each non Muslim butcher charges about Rs 1000 per slaughtering of single goat or sheep. Muslim butchers never do sheep or goats slaughtering work during Bakrid because most of them celebrate the occasion of sacrifice. However, a few Muslim butchers might be seen on this big occasion of sacrifice and it’s called Bakrid.

Only Asian countries call Eid Ul Zoha as Bakrid because the name Bakrid suits best as they think. Bakra in Urdu is sheep or goat in English. Yes, Muslim butchers are professional butchers having butcher shops. They might be found selling sheep or goats on or before the day of Bakrid.

Khalid M Raza

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