India has opportunities for progress yet BJP sits shamelessly to trouble minorities

India has opportunities for progress yet BJP sits shamelessly to trouble minorities

Yes, India has opportunities for growth and well being of Indian citizens and to provide millions of jobs. But BJP sits in AC and anticipates over what should be done to make minorities suffer in India. India has lot of golden chances to revive economy but BJP showing their blind eye for the benefit of Indians. The more the BJP rules in India the more Indians will suffer.

It’s likely that BJP can be left alone. And no one will come for rescuing the BJP leaders if they’re dealt with justice by Supreme Court of India.

BJP thinks that they can speak whatever they like to. And to divide India they can even talk about fake claims from their fake history as created by BJP leaders. They speak about freedom fighters for India’s independence without including Muslims. They’re only concerned about the past and represent the past in their favor only.

BJP is not aware that if they take some steps effectively then India could prosper a lot. But, they’ve already decided to trouble Muslims in Kashmir and Muslims belonging to other parts of India. India has opportunities to grow with 1.3 Billion population including 80% of Hindus and then BJP is afraid why? This is so because BJP has brainwashed the majority to be afraid of Muslims as they’ll conquer India again.

The greatest fighter was none other than Tipu Sultan. And BJP ignores talking about him. And many greats including Nizam of Hyderabad has been ignored by BJP. Thus, BJP is not only suffering but keeping India away from progressing as India has great future ahead. But India will be under deep trouble if BJP continues to rule the country for another couple of years.

Khalid M Raza

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