Jennifer Grout famous Artist converted to Islam as she finds peace in Islam

Jennifer Grout famous Artist converted to Islam as she finds peace in Islam

Dec 28, 2019 was the biggest day for Jennifer Grout as she got herself converted to Islam. Few Muslims gathered to see Jennifer Grout at Islamic Center of Northland, Kansas City. She confirmed her conversion to Islam at 7 pm with Imam Ibrahim Bakeer and Sheikh Dahee .

The lady runs a YouTube channel currently. She was the most famous music artist. An icon of music and a most beautiful lady presently rewarded with respect allover the World as she learned Islam. She said it’s good to be Muslim and Islam is easy and simple religion based upon Monotheism.

Believing in Oneness of God and doing charity along with good deeds makes a person a good Muslim. Praying five time prayers becomes easy when a Muslim learns Holy Qura’n and understands Hadiths from authentic Hadith books.

Jennifer Grout also memorized Ayat Al Kursi and many other Surahs of the Glorious Quran. She’s no more an artist now. She is loving the life as a Muslim with good character. Islam never forces any person to accept it and become a Muslim. And there’s no compulsion in Islam but whoever knows more about Islam gets transformed to become Muslim.

Jennifer Grout is the most talented and famous singer. But now she’s listened by millions with her recitation of Quran.

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