What USA City Council told BJP on CAA, NRC, NPR by calling to release people from Detention Camps

What USA City Council told BJP on CAA, NRC, NPR by calling to release people from Detention Camps

By approving a resolution the USA City Council urged the United State Congress to support the legislation censoring the BJP. The BJP govt adopted a method to oppress Muslims in India and constructed detention camps as open jails. BJP govt already carried out NRC in Assam as many Muslims living troubled life in detention camps.

Thus, the United State’s Congress sent a chilling message to the Narendra Modi govt for nullifying his criminal acts. The criminal acts are CAA, NRC and NPR. The City Council members told that citizenship amendment law is not India’s internal matter and the World knows Modi’s intentions.

The World should know to what extent the BJP harassed Muslims in India. Muslims in India are Indian citizens and it’s proved already with or without their possession of passports etc. They voted for political parties on what grounds as the BJP rejected voter ids too. BJP’s criminal politics no longer withstand for troubling Muslims anymore.

Thus, it’s likely that BJP will be forced to take back CAA, NRC & NPR. Further, USA City Council also stated that BJP cannot discriminate the Muslims & other minorities including the LGBT community. The CAA & NRC have ominous affects on BJP in India.

India is using citizenship law to define Germany’s role as the result was the isolation of Jewish community. And Muslims in India will be isolated if BJP never listens to the USA City Council reaction. Otherwise the City Council will declare Indian govt as fascist govt. Narendra Modi has been given a stringent warning to nullify the 3 Acts. BJP has been warned as USA City Council will take a strong action against India.

Khalid M Raza

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