Egyptian Movie Wins award for best short film at Venice Film Festival

Egyptian Movie Wins award for best short film at Venice Film Festival

The “La’ltra Par” Egyptian Movie lasted for only 3 minutes and won an award at Venice Film Festival. The director of the Egyptian Movie is just 20 years old. The Movie describes how people get isolated with use of technology and lose human coexistence.

People walk, talk and eat with technology and even work using advanced mobile phones. The movie covers people taking Selfies on any situation or circumstances. This Movie shaken the world using cartoons and with a script that mocks people using mobile phones everywhere. We should realize that it’s important to notice what’s happening around and react rather than hooked to mobile phones.

Egyptian Movie Director has nothing to do with his direction as all characters in the movie are fictitious. He only did his best to make a 3 minute movie and finally rewarded.

This is not the first time that people using mobile phones while driving has been advised not to do so. Moreover, people do this also in a different style as they walk or work using phones.

It’s highly recommended that keep your phones away while walking or doing any sort of work. It is also strictly prohibited that people can’t use mobile phones while they’re on a street. Yes, they can use mobile phones whenever they find free time or to avoid being idle.

The Egyptian Movie covered the entire scenario of misuse of technology within 3 minutes. We wish all the best for the Egyptians and acknowledge their effort to make a 3 minute Movie. The Movie has to be short because it provides a lesson for avoiding use of mobile phones while even walking.

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