Rich will be Richer, Middle class will be poor, poor will poorest under BJP

Rich will be Richer, Middle class will be poor, poor will poorest under BJP

BJP is favoring the Rich and will keep doing so until middle class fights back. Poor Indians can’t do anything except voting against BJP in Bihar elections. Bihar elections are not near as they end with the end of this year. 

Price inflation hurts both middle class and the poor. Under BJP the rise of prices aren’t controlled. This puts rich to become richer as they’re fine with what’s wrongly happening in India. They’re least bothered about. They know that Indian Prime Minister still makes them happy with his hate speeches. They enjoy BJP’s discussion over various fake propaganda including insulting Pakistan.

Richest people feel that they’ve a leader, who can bring changes in India to trouble minorities. Lies speaking rich people support fake stories creating BJP. And it’s a shame and on the rich every time BJP incites violence and much more troubles to minorities. Truth speaking rich feel the sufferings of farmers and youth. Youth are jobless since a long time and BJP never created a handful of jobs yet. 

If you’re still not convinced over BJP’s blame game role then look what’s happening to the poor in India. In Gujarat before Donald Trump’s visit the poor people kicked out from their huts. Walls constructed there to hide poverty but this step troubled the poor. They don’t have any option but to move around and find a shade to stay there as stray dogs. What in return BJP got do? read other similar posts down below or search with mentioned words.

Khalid M Raza

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