Shekpet Masjid locked down as Muslims claim prayers were regularly prayed

Shekpet Masjid locked down as Muslims claim prayers were regularly prayed

Shekpet Masjid finds deep trouble as it was locked down recently. Telangana govt want to seize the Masjid to pressurize Muslims. However, Muslims are supporting the Masjid in large numbers as the Masjid needs to safeguarded. The name of the Masjid at Shekpet is Ameer Unisa Masjid.  

Since a long time Muslims are fighting for the good cause of Shekpet Masjid to be safely function. They say Waqf Board has huge money and their income is too much. So, the waqf Board should also support to enable resuming of prayers in this Masjid.

Muslims say that five times prayers has been going on until the govt claimed it as an archaeological property. Muslims say that they’re protesting meaningfully in support of the Masjid. They said they’re fighting and are able to challenge the archaeological department that Masjid was busy indeed. But, Archaeology is speaking lies to grab the Masjid.

The Shekpet Masjid is very big so the govt is creating stories to present the Masjid as archaeological. No work has been done by the officials to handover the Masjid back to Muslims. And even after Muslims working hard to make the Masjid available for 5 time prayers. Why the Chief Minister of TS KCR seized the Masjid and locked it?

A question that needs answers because the Waqf board is losing cases day by day. But, Muslims are only bothered about Ameer Unisa Masjid at Shekpet. KCR is minting Muslim properties after seeing current situation in India. And this a matter highly of concern.

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