Financial problems continues to trouble Middle Class under BJP govt

Financial problems continues to trouble Middle Class under BJP govt

Who will be blamed for creating financial problems for the Middle Class? The answers might be too many. But, to be precise people could’ve not voted for BJP again. Yes, BJP govt is responsible for creating financial problems for the Indians in majority. BJP is known as Bharatiya Janata Party means India’s people party. The World should know what BJP has been doing in India for all the Indians.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah & Prime Minister Narendra Modi including various BJP leaders support RSS. You know, RSS established in 1925 and is known for carrying out saffron terror in India. BJP is spending huge money over their Citizenship laws.

This is horrible as Millions of Indians are currently jobless. Who cares? Says BJP and moves forward to do whatever BJP wants to.

Financial Problems Created By BJP 

BJP exposed on many occasions. And also with the video of Jamia library, which revealed their atrocities over innocent students. The students were calmly studying when Police entered the library without permission and started beating the innocents. BJP wasn’t afraid of the outcome as they knew media will definitely support to rescue them.

And to carry on with thrashing the future of innocent students. Thus, BJP is not only criminal with mindset but also with their souls. Cheap people ruling India and creating financial problems for the Middle Class. Poor people also troubled as they couldn’t able to breathe nicely with not enough money to meet their two ends. Thus, the poor becoming the poorest and the Middle Class becoming poor.

Shame on BJP as long as it rules India with their own ideology. They prefer gaining support from majority as they think they’re brave enough to kill innocents. No, they’re cowards and cowards only play negative roles and their roles will find a troubling end to them. They’ll scream a lot to get saved and nobody will come to their rescue.

Khalid M Raza

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