BJP should withdraw armed forces from Kashmir, lift curfew for normal life

BJP should withdraw armed forces from Kashmir, lift curfew for normal life

Well, the Foreign Countries are growing to ask too many question against BJP to surrender meekly. Moreover, BJP should withdraw armed forces from Kashmir and restore normalcy in the Valley.

Well, this comes not as a warning from Western Countries. But when Foreign Media revealed the situation in Kashmir then BJP told to Withdraw armed forces and Curfew. Kashmir people mostly Muslims are suffering a lot since abrogation of article 370.

Many Women everyday sexually assaulted by the armed forces deployed by BJP. Thus, BJP currently in a tricky situation whether to continue speaking about Kashmir as India’s internal matter or not.

Further, if BJP continues to trouble Kashmiris then the Muslims will fight for their rights. Kashmir people’s sufferings went unnoticed for Indian Muslims as they’re diverted with Citizenship laws.

BJP govt is so corrupt that major companies in India to shutdown their business because of poor economy. Millions losing jobs in India and poverty is rising but BJP is concerned over how they need to trouble Muslims more. This stand of BJP against Muslims will benefit the Nationalist Party as BJP followers feel as if they’re blessed.

BJP followers never get pleased when Muslims live in India freely. Narendra Modi & BJP followers are also appealing against Muslims to bear praying at homes rather than praying in Mosques.

BJP should Withdraw atrocities & More

BJP followers are devotees of Narendra Modi and they get pleased when Muslims in India or in Kashmir troubled. Thus, BJP finds no answers to explain even anything to the Supreme Court of India with regard to SC’s questioning.

BJP is least bothered about Foreign Countries because the BJP govt is not concerned over GDP. GDP is Gross Domestic Product. When GDP falls down then it’s worrisome for any Country in the World. BJP wants no progress in India but carry on more atrocities over Indian Muslims using Police & RSS.

RSS is a terror group and it needs to be banned. But RSS supports the ruling BJP and so Narendra Modi uses RSS to commit inside unknown crimes. Narendra Modi is also a life term member of RSS. Unfortunately, he’s the Prime Minister of India. But, he was told that BJP should withdraw armed forces and Curfew from Kashmir. And restore normalcy.

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