How Citizenship Amendment Act of India overshadows attacking Muslims?

How Citizenship Amendment Act of India overshadows attacking Muslims?

Citizenship Amendment Act passed by Parliament only to carry out atrocities over Minorities in India. BJP’s intention is widespread in the World that India as a democratic Country cheating people by pleasing only their followers. Citizenship Amendment Act created awareness around the World by the Protesters in India. Thus, there’s widespread condemnation by and with the United Nations Human Rights Office and US lawmakers. Foreign protest against this act also made United Nations to be aware of this criminal Act as BJP imposed it as a law.  

“It’s fundamentally discriminatory in nature”. Said the United Nations Human Rights Office. This new Citizenship Law in India has been called for a review by the United Nations. Alerted Huffingtonpost to the people around the World. The Law excludes Muslims, which’s not a concern but it acts to support only majorities is highly condemned.

How Citizenship Amendment Act is discriminatory?

Already federal US commission had sought sanctions against Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Lok Sabha cleared the bill by gaining support from even the secular political parties of India. Both houses of the Parliament passed the bill and it needs a review currently.

International Religious Freedom monitored the Citizenship Amendment Law of India according to a top American diplomat. Further, it was reported that United States is concerned about the implications of this discriminatory Law. We learned this from PTI’s post about this Law.  

India’s one of the greatest strength is its Constitution. India being a democratic Country was highly respected across the World as a secular State. India’s institutions were highly respected but now India is time and again insulted Globally.

The outrage with protests against the Law has been only growing. And the Indian govt is responsible for ignoring repeated appeals from the people. Protests troubled the govt of India as protesters were troubled using violence for stopping them from fighting for their rights. Thus, BJP govt turned peaceful protests to violent protests by beating up and killing innocent peaceful protesters.

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