Thursday, February 22, 2024
BJP to explain United Nations about their discriminatory Citizenship laws

BJP to explain United Nations about their discriminatory Citizenship laws

It’s now and never for the United Nations to take action against BJP’s discriminatory Citizenship laws. Yes, it’s required for BJP to explain United Nations about Citizenship Amendment laws. Further, BJP should respond to the questioning of United Nations.


BJP needs to explain that their Citizenship Amendment laws like CAA, NRC or NPR aren’t discriminatory. If they failed to do so then they’ll be in trouble. When Narendra Modi nullifies the Citizenship Amendment laws then his BJP followers will decrease.

Hence, it’s time for BJP to go back. In another report it was claimed that BJP can’t act against the World’s best governing bodies. Further, Turkey warned India that if they don’t do justice over the Minorities in India then the outcome will trouble BJP. Thus, it’s clean and clear that Minorities should keep patience and never stop raising their voices against BJP.

And captured the Pilot known as Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. He was praised unnecessarily by mainstream Indian Media after he was left free by Pakistan as a peace gesture. Media never applauded Pakistan for the peace gesture but claimed that the Pilot was brave enough to fight against Pakistan. How can a man, who was captured can fight? Further, Media defined the Pilot as one man army as a face saving for BJP. Finally, BJP to explain United Nations about what India has been doing will be known in couple of Week.

Amit Shah & Narendra Modi already did a big mistake of not purchasing weapons from USA because of lack of funds. They preferred Israel and Israel already made India lose the battle at Balakot. In Balakot airstrikes over Pakistan’s vacant area it was known that Pakistan shot down low powered attack from India.

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